Professional life coaching is a future focused relationship that leads the client on a journey of self-discovery. Through a series of powerful questions and processes we seek to uncover the roadblocks and false beliefs getting in the way of your growth. By connecting your values to your goals, we will work together to create an action and accountability plan. My goal is always to empower YOU to create the life of your dreams.


During the discovery phase clients will co-create a designed alliance agreement outlining how we will ‘be’ together. It is a very intentional tool to create the ‘culture’ of our relationship. Questions such as “What kind of environment do I thrive in? What helps me succeed? When this process gets difficult, how do I want to be treated?  Will be addressed in our first session. This is a process unique to coaching that lays the groundwork for a living breathing partnership between coach and client.

Through a series of powerful questions and interactive exercises we will work together to create self -awareness around your chosen goals. Coach and client will connect on a deeper level to uncover road blocks and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you becoming your best self. Awareness is the seed of change.


Once we have identified your goals we will work together to design actions, set goals, manage your process and create accountability that works for you. This is very rarely a straight line. Growth happens in stages that require work AND rest.

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While working on my MA in counseling psychology the owner of my real estate brokerage asked me to participate in a coaching training program. To my surprise tears came to my eyes. I was flattered and overwhelmed with the feeling that all the tumblers were falling into place. My real estate business was thriving, I was enjoying my graduate studies, but I was searching for a way to bring all my passions together. Coaching has given me a structure to provide my clients with a completely holistic approach to self- improvement.  Through discovery, self-awareness, mindfulness and action planning I can help you live the life of YOUR dreams.




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